Edward attended Seale-Hayne Agricultural College in Devon, gaining an HND in Rural Resources. His first job happened to be a woodland one – in Berkshire with the Nature Conservancy Council. With a team of 9 estate workers, he planned and reinstated coppice management in many woodland Sites of Special Scientific Interest. He left there to work for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust where he was manager of the Trusts woodland nature reserves and operated a sawmill for the Trust. Again, he wrote management plans and managed some of the most precious woods in East Anglia. Following this he worked for BTCV as Woodland Officer covering 13 counties in SE England after the Great Storm in 1987. In 1991, he moved north to work in the South Pennines to develop new tree planting initiatives in the area between Bradford and Manchester. During this time, he was responsible for establishing dozens of new woodlands in the uplands.

After qualifying as a Chartered Forester in 1995, he moved to be an adviser on contract to Cumbria Broadleaves where he took over as Project Manager in 1996. During the last 16 years, he has steered Cumbria Broadleaves through the Foot & Mouth Disease catastrophe and the organisation’s change of name to Cumbria Woodlands. As Director, he has overseen the successful coordination of the multi-million pound Forest Futures Programme of investment and more recently, a very successful programme of woodland advice and training. He has also organised the improvement of over 500 ha of woodland sites of special scientific interest into recovering condition, as well as large areas of Plantation on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS). Edward has probably been in more Cumbrian woodlands than almost anyone else.

Edward has served on committees for the Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales & N Ireland (2 years as Chairman of the NW England Division and 2 years on its National Council), the Coppice Association North West (including 3 years as Chairman), The Wood Education Programme Trust (Trustee for 15 years) and the Bill Hogarth MBE Memorial Apprenticeship Trust (incl 3 years as Treasurer).

In 2005, Edward was appointed a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters. He is also a Professional Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and is a Chartered Environmentalist. Edward has co-authored a book on Coppice Management with Rebecca Oaks, which was published in late 2010 and a second, also with Rebecca, entitled “The Greenwood Crafts” which was published in late 2012.

Edward has been lucky enough to be able to manage his own coppice woodland in the southern Lake District since 2003. For information on this, see the Sales Bank Wood page.